What Is The Best Biometric Door Lock For Home And Office

Biometric door locks are categorized as locks that utilize biological measures such as fingerprints or facial features to unlock the doors. Thus, it is not possible for just strangers to access the biometric door lock. Besides being convenient, the biometric deadbolt lock provides higher security. Only the owners of the specific property can access the biometric locker for home or other commercial properties.   

So, biometric door locks are in great demand, and it’s important to understand them in detail.

What Is A Biometric Door Lock?

Biometric door lock
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Biometrics are specific to each individual, making them a reliable security component. These locks prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the space. They also employ other security measures, like keypads and passcodes, and is considered smart lock for office and home use. 

Both companies and houses can utilize biometric locks because they are simple to install. Moreover, they are difficult to break, these keypads provide greater security than traditional locks.

One or more people can enter the building using biometric door lock residential areas use, comprising fingerprint or facial authentication. It is easy to open the door using only the facial features and no hands thanks to facial recognition door locks. To be entered into a database, all authorized users must supply samples of their faces. Models that employ a fingerprint reader to unlock the door are the most popular type in the market.

Types Of Residential Biometric Door Lock

BE-TECH Fingerprint Touchpad Digital Door Lock
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The term biometrics encompasses a broad spectrum of what is considered to be unique human characteristics. Accordingly, there are various types of biometric door locks for businesses that are available.

Fingerprint Door Lock 

BE-TECH Fingerprint Digital RIM Lock
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Fingerprint door locks are classified as biometric locks. These locks, as their name implies, use biological parameters to confirm a person’s identity. They are able to save fingerprint information and use it to allow access.

A typical key is replaced by biometrics in this system. This means that fingerprint-based smart locks offer greater convenience because there is no need to carry around a key. Fingerprint door locks offer ease of use as well as increased security. They won’t unlock until the owners of the property are there. 

It becomes even more difficult for intruders to enter if a lock positively identifies the owner based on his fingerprint and then prompts him to enter his code. The process in question is known as multiple-factor authentication.

Voice-Activated Door Lock

Voice activated door lock
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It is a biometric door lock that records voice data to grant access to the building. The majority of the products are reasonably priced and easy to install, making it a practical, hands-free way to enter the home. Without even touching the door, one can automatically unlock and lock it with the voice-operated lock from a distance of roughly 10 meters. 

Many smart locks log access in addition to controlling access, giving the ability to keep track of how a certain secured door is being used. Some biometric door lock suppliers provide smart locks that have a built-in camera that records a picture of everyone who opens the door and creates a readily accessible photo log.

Iris Scanner Door Lock

Iris Scanner Door Lock
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The most distinctive feature of a body’s exterior is the iris, the ring of color surrounding each eye’s pupil (and much of its interior, for that matter). The majority of iris-scanning systems operate by taking a high-resolution picture of the eyes, separating out the iris, and then putting that image through a matching algorithm to determine if an individual is on the guest list. 

Iris scanning is a type of biometric technology, like fingerprint matching, facial recognition software, and retinal scanning, that uses a person’s distinctive physical attributes to check their identity against a database.

A successful match, known as an “accept” in technical parlance, can then cause the unlocking of the door. Although iris scanning and retina scanning are similar, they are not the same. An older technology called retina scanning makes use of a picture of the blood vessel nest in the back of the eye. To capture that image, one must first wait for the pupil to enlarge before shooting a beam of light through it to illuminate the back of the eye.

How Do Biometric Door Locks Work?

BE-TECH Digital Door Lock
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The simplest way to manage who has access to the facility is to keep a database of the individuals with access rights, to which biometric systems are linked via a network or networks.

The way biometric door systems function is by recognizing unique biological patterns, such as fingerprints, facial recognition, and even body movements. Then, a set of data points containing these identification patterns are encoded for comparison with the pre-existing database. When a match is made, the system detects the individual attempting to enter and unlocks the door.

The strongest feature of biometric door locks is their ability to be developed on an open platform and incorporated into a centralized system with other devices like thermostats, security cameras, and fire alarms that may help record and monitor activities in the event of an accident or emergency.

The information can be transferred to a centralized access point, and all of these systems can cooperate with one another for enhanced security and benefit (i.e. a computer with the necessary software). The system administrator may then use this single access point and administer the database, adding the data points for new authorized users and deleting the old data points, as well as how the system performs.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Biometric Door Lock

A biometric deadbolt lock has several advantages as well as disadvantages just like any other piece of technology.


  • High assurance and security 

Biometrics boost providers’ confidence that a person is authentic by validating a physical, real-world trait as both something the user has and something the user is. Due to the likelihood that the majority of user passwords, PINs, and personal identification information have been exposed in a data breach, fraudsters who have access to the traditional authentication methods can access billions of accounts. 

Though a fraudster may be aware that a person uses their dog’s name and a few lucky numbers for most of their online accounts, they can’t use their fingerprint to unlock an account if they can’t provide it immediately. This adds a road-block for fraudsters that only a real, authorized user can get around.

  • The user experience is quick and convenient

Although the internal procedures for biometric authentication are technically complex, from the perspective of the user, they are remarkably simple and rapid. It takes less time to place a finger on a scanner to unlock an account than it does to type a lengthy password with numerous special characters. Additionally, most users frequently make the error of forgetting their passwords which can be avoided using biometrics.

  • Non-transferable

Biometric authentication demands the presence of its input during authorization. The only way to use the majority of biometric authentication systems is with a physical application; one cannot transfer or exchange a physical biometric online.


  • High Costs

It should come as no surprise that installing a more sophisticated security system would involve large financial outlays.

  • Breached data

Hackers frequently target companies and governments that collect and store users’ personal data. In order to keep ahead of fraud developments, enterprises must treat sensitive biometric data with more security and vigilance because it is irreplaceable. This is costly and technically challenging. A password or pin can always be changed if it has been compromised. The same cannot be true for a person’s biometrics, either physiological or behavioral.

  • Tracking and data

The privacy of users must be taken into account as the use of biometric authentication systems, such as facial recognition technology and other biometric security measures, rises around the world. A user stands the danger of leaving a permanent digital trace that could be followed by malicious actors when biometrics are transformed into data and kept, especially in locations or nations with extensive surveillance measures. 

Governments and corporations have frequently utilized facial recognition technologies to follow and identify people with unnerving accuracy, severely compromising privacy. Biometric information can become a permanent digital tag that can be used to monitor someone, both knowingly and unknowingly, as surveillance levels rise.

What Are The Best Biometric Door Locks For Home And Office?

Digital lock company BE-TECH is a well-known biometric deadbolt door lock manufacturer in China that offers distinctive fingerprint door lock systems that, thanks to cutting-edge biometric technology, put convenience and security at fingers. As a supplier of fingerprint reader door locks, we give a way to open the door without having to carry about a lot of keys or remember a bunch of PINs or passwords. 

Just the fingertip is all that is needed to open the door, it is not possible to get locked outside by forgetting the key or RFID. These biometric door lock manufacturers provide customization options in addition to the convenience gained from them. By adding the logo to the fingerprint door locks, it is easy to personalize them to advertise the company.

Some of the advantages offered by the biometric door lock suppliers are:

  • For utmost convenience, the Be-Tech includes four entry methods: Bluetooth key, fingerprint, RF Card key, or PIN code.
  • The lock panel of the china smart door lock can be used with any self-locking mechanical mortise or lock case as long as the distance between the cylinder center and handle center in the mortise is between 68 and 93.5 millimeters.

Some of the best biometric door locks for offices and homes have been mentioned below. 

1. Be Tech Biometric Smart Deadbolt K3S

BE-TECH Smart Deadbolt
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Be-Tech Biometric Smart Deadbolt consists of an auto-lock function that can open the door automatically after 4 seconds. It also has a time setting feature that can enable the user to set up the time of opening. The scramble codes present provides access through the door to the random individuals entering. Other features include USB Battery backup, auto-lock, and also mechanical key to unlock the door in case of emergency. 

2. BE-TECH fingerprint and RFID card & touchpad digital door lock

BE-TECH fingerprint and rfid card touchpad digital door lock
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BE-TECH fingerprint door lock is one of the top security locks with the best safety features for you to play around with. The ready-to-fit lock can fit most standard doors with plenty of locking and unlocking options using smartphone, PIN code, RFID card, or fingerprint. 

The lock allows users to share the code with their friends and family for a few weeks or hours, so they don’t have to worry about unlocking the door by others more than once. It comes with an auto-lock option which that locks the door automatically after 30 seconds by default. The real-time alerts also notify the user when someone tries to use the code for unlocking the door.

3. Push & Pull Fingerprint Digital Door Lock-T170FMTL 

BE-TECH Office Door Keypad Lock
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The push and pull design of the door lock gives the user convenient access to the door. The distinct access options for this lock include an RF Card key, APP, Fingerprint, and PIN Code. Furthermore, the automatic locking system locks the door a few seconds after opening. The anti-panic system allows a convenient exit in case of alarming situations. Other significant features of the lock include an invisible keypad, temporary access code, scramble code, and much more. 

Alternative Of Biometric Door Lock

There are various alternatives to biometric door locks as discussed below. 

1. Keypad And Combination Smart Lock

BE-TECH  Fingerprint RFID Card Touchpad Digital Door Lock
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A master passcode is required to unlock smart lock for apartment with keypads. Passcodes can also be created for various users. Keypad deadbolts, keypad deadbolts with a knob or lever, and keypad deadbolts with a handle set are the three different types of combination keypad smart locks. Use a touchscreen or actual buttons to interact. Numerous models include simple connections to other smart home technology.

2. WiFi Smart Locks

BE-TECH  Electronic door Lock
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These wifi smart locks may keep track of opening and shutting times and distribute e-keys to close relatives, neighbors, maintenance workers, and other trustworthy people. No more duplicating keys and attempting to keep track of who has them!

3. Bluetooth Smart Door Locks

BE-TECH  Electronic Door Lock
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This Residential smart locks with Bluetooth solutions come equipped with four different types of access solutions- PIN Code, Bluetooth key, RFID, and fingerprint. It also has a one-touch fingerprint verification feature that allows the user to open the door at once. Moreover, it keeps the users updated with the operation status and notifies them in case of a low battery. The invisible keypad showcases the number only during a touch sensation. It is a convenient lock with high security for different purposes.


Are Biometric Locks Safe?

In particular, when compared to conventional locks that require a physical key, biometric door locks are secure. Keys can be lost, taken, or duplicated. Unlike biometric data. As if that weren’t enough, the majority of biometric door lock manufacturers also include additional features for home security like built-in cameras and alarm systems.

Is A Biometric Door Lock Hackable?

As the concept of biometric door lock for office has grown in popularity, users’ phones and data are at risk of being breached and sold on the dark web due to flaws in these systems.

There are several ways that biometric breaches might happen. Hackers aren’t limited to profiting from hardware and software faults. Dedicated opponents may search for weaknesses in the way biometric data is kept. Security experts have previously discovered databases containing biometric data that are entirely unsecured and unencrypted. These repositories might be treasure troves for people with nefarious intentions.

Are Fingerprints A Secure Biometric?

Biometric locks offer the basic security offered by traditional mechanic locks and even digital locks are added with some unique features. Since they require a special fingerprint to open, they might even be more secure.

Are Biometrics More Secure Than Passwords?

A biometric door lock is effective because, despite not being “secret” like passwords, they are incredibly hard to copy and cannot be easily typed by a fraudster.


Security is a critical issue that needs to be taken seriously and hence before choosing any form of biometric lock one must engage in proper research about the biometric door lock suppliers. Also, it is recommended to keep the budget in mind before taking any decision.

You can contact Betechiot for OEM/ODM services if you are looking forward to establishing a door lock business.

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